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The Hurricane FS6830-4 is a 2 Post Lift 4ton, base free model with a maximum lifting height of 1900mm, the total height of the lift is 3620mm and it has a lane width of 2600mm

Vehicle Carry Trolley

The Vehicle Carry Trolley allows easy movement of immobilised vehicles, The Vehicle Carry Trolley is a must for mechanical workshops and autobody shops.

Technical Data:

Width : 390-770mm

Length : 560mm

Frame height : 210mm

4 x 150mm H.D Polyurethane Swivel Castors.

Adjustable Galvanised Steel Frame.


Wheel Skates

Wheel Skates allow precise vehicle movement in confined spaces such as car showrooms, workshops or if the vehicle is immobilised.

* Fast, easy lifting no jack required.

* Max load 550kg per skate.

* Designed for use with tyres up to 240mm (9.5")

* Adjustable steel frame.

* Fitted with high impact rollers and non-marking industrial castor wheels.

* Sold as a pairs.


2 Post Lift 4-Ton

Long Garage Jack 3ton

Long Garage Jack has a lifting capacity of 3tons, minimum height of 120mm, lifting height of 500mm to give max height of 620mm, packaged weight is 75KG with a size of 1450mm x 360mm x 230mm.

Long Garage Jack 5ton

Long Garage Jack has a lifting capacity of 5tons, minimum height of 160mm, lifting height of 420mm to give max height of 580mm, packaged weight is 107KG with a size of 1540mm x 420mm x 270mm

Short Body Jack 3Ton

Short Body Garage Jack has a lifting capacity of 3tons, For general purpose lifting requirements with safe and stable load handling

Polished ram and plunger protecting seals from abrasion

Built in safety valve ensures safe operation and prevents overloading

Patented hydraulic bypass system prevents ram plunger from over-travelling

Equipped with patented quick-lift foot pedal offering quick pumping to reach vehicle chassis

Aluminium Jack 1.5ton

Aluminium Jack has a lifting capacity of 1.5ton, minimum height of 80mm, Max height of 375mm, packaged weight is 13.5KG with a size of 620mm x 370mm x 170mm.