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 DYNA-PACT oil bath clutch delivers smooth operation and extended durability

* One hand push button forward/reverse power regulator. 4 possible power settings. Ultimate  

power in reverse.

* Handle exhaust with 360 ° air inlet swivel to prevent hose kinks

* Power and economy for general repair, transmission work, exhaust systems and body shops.

1/4” Heavy Duty Air Ratchet

* Convenient forward / reverse button for one finger directional changes.

* Compact and lightweight with a square handle design for a positive grip.

* Easy speed control throughout the range.

* Maximum rundown speed of 200 rpm.

* Excellent for under-dashboard work, small engine repair and small fasteners.

* Ultimate Torque: 20Nm

* Loop-handle design, for efficiency and comfort.

* 6.2lbs, lightweight design facilitates maneuverability and ease of use.

1/2” Super Duty Air Impact Wrench

Standard Duty Drill 10mm

* Powerful energy efficient air motor resists stalls.

* Triple idler planetary gearing for smooth operation and extended tool life.

* Handle exhaust reduces noise and directs air away from work area.

* Ideal for accessory and air conditioner installation, engine work and auto body repair

* Free speed; 2,400 rpm

* Powerful 450W high performance motor for fast, efficient grinding in tight quarters.

* Aluminium alloy housing is rugged yet lightweight for maximum operator comfort.

* Spiral bevel gearing in angle head provides extended life and smooth low vibration.

* Excellent for weld preparation an smoothing, rust removal, deburring and blending of steel, cast

iron and aluminium.

* Max rpm: 12,000

Angle Polisher

* "Flex-edge" polishing pad to help eliminate scorching.

* Built-in air regulator.

* Silenced rear exhaust.

* Excellent for buffing and polishing flat and contoured surfaces.

* Max rpm: 2,500


Maximum  : 2500rpm

Weight: 2.95kg

Avg. Air consumption : 375 CFM

Actual Air Consumption : 821 CFM

Air Inlet thread size: 1/4"

4” Heavy Duty Angle Grinder

Standard Duty Drill 10mm

* Heavy duty contruction for long life under heavy use

* Adjustable guard / guide allows operator to set depth of cut

* Comfortable rubber grip


Strokes per Minute : 9500

Weight  : 0.74kg

Length: 219mm

Actual air consumption [l/min (CFM)]: 170 (6)

Air inlet thread size : 1/4

Minimum hose size : 10mm

Sound Pressure : 97.7 dB(A)

Vibration: 12.9 ms/2

* Contoured throttle control for easy handling.

* Hardened and ground spiral bevel gears for low vibration and long life.

* With up to 5,000 rpm free speed, you can work faster on     metal and shaping of contoured filler patches.

* Max rpm: 5,000

Paper Size : 178mm

Maximum : 5000rpm

Weight : 2.95kg

Avg. Air consumption : 375 CFM

Heavy Duty High Speed Cutter

* Rugged, energy efficient 370W motor.

* Lightweight at only 0.74kg.

* Square handle design for positive grip.

* Excellent for cutting through sheet metal, fiberglass, bolts,    muffler clamps and hangars. Also grinds down burrs and rough    edges.

* Max rpm: 20,000


Wheel Diameter : 2-7/8

Max rpm : 20,000rpm

Weight : 0.74kg

Length: 197mm

Heavy Duty Angle Sander

Mini Angle Die Grinder

* Compact, lightweight design fo easy manoeuvrability.

* 90° angle head allows flexibility in confined areas.

* Complete with 1/4" and 6mm collet.

* Excellent for high speed blending, smoothing, porting, and deburring in confined areas.

* Max rpm: 22,500


Collet / Spindle : 1/4"

Max rpm : 22,500

Weight : 0.45kg Avg.

Air consumption : 311 CFM

Actual Air consumption : 628 CFM

Spotweld Drill Machine

The Spotweld Drill Machine is equipped with a removable counter arm. The arm is clamping the sheet metal automatically shortly before the tool is started and thus prevents the sheet metal to be bent. Vice effect.

Length: 197mm

Teroson  Multi-Press Sealant Gun

The Multi-Press Pistol is used for the application of Terostat 9320 Sprayable Seam Sealants from 300/310ml nozzle cartridges.

Excessive supply pressures will be automatically reduced by means of a built-in reducing valve.

>Telescopic piston does not wander, ensures smooth action, prevents trapped air bubbles.

>Compact, short size.

>Door beading.

Seam sealing to an OEM finish.

Teroson PowerLine II

The Teroson PowerLine II air cartridge gun with integrated pressure gauge is a very powerful tool for dispensing one and two component direct glazing sealants from cartridges.  It ensures smooth action and allows for continuously variable adjustment of adhesive flow

Seam sealing to an OEM finish.

Product Features:

Mechanical ram (rather than air pressure) is used to advance adhesive out of cartridge.

No air is introduced into the cartridge from the gun thus eliminating popping and sputtering of product while dispensing.

Integral air pressure gauge allows for better control of dispense rate.

High mechanical advantage (3:1) allows increased capability to dispense high viscosity pastes much faster.